Short review of Glayzer 09c (don't buy)

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May 2020
Quick review on glayzer 09c to save you time, because it's not worth even talking about it.

It has a very small catapult and very little tackiness.

Spin is very good and throw angle is higher than hurricane 3, maybe matching tenergy 05.

Speed on viscaria is still slow and feeling is like a dampened version of tenergy 80 if it had a harder sponge, so not the best.

Good for developing players, but if you're even slightly advanced, save for the dignics 09c or hybrid k3, you'll save yourself regret from buying this thing.

It's ok for what it is, grip is not as high as I expected and the only thing that gave it bite was the relatively soft topsheet and tackiness, or what's left of it...

Normal glayzer is trash, medium throw angle, ok grip but hard sponge and even harder top sheet. It felt like a chore on both forehand and backhand.

I'm not gonna be playing with them, they're not worth it even compared to 5 month old rubbers.

Do yourself a favour and buy a rozena or bluefire instead, they're a million times better. Even a hurricane 3 neo is faster than these things, even though the 09c is "easier" to play, it's not worth the tradeoff or the price. If they were 20 bucks I'd say whatever because they're not worth anything more.