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Full Name: Borna Kovač

Age: 19

Date Of Birth: 26.02.1991.

Height:190 cm, 81 kg

Club represented: UTTC STOCKERAU (AUSTRIA)

Highest World Ranking: 391 Senior ITTF Ranking

Equipment – Peter wants to know what do you use?

FH Rubber: GRIP S

Your career

How long have you been playing table tennis for, when did you start?
I have been playing since I was 6 years old,so I have been playing for 13 years.

Who has been the biggest influence on your career?
The biggest influence in my carrier had my familiy,specialy my father,and coach Borislav Banicek who helped me a lot.With him I won 3 european titles and all together 8 european and world cadet and juniors medals.

BollForte94 from table tennis daily wants to know what do you practice the most. Do you have a certain training rechime each week or does it alter?
During the competition seasion I practice excersices with service the most, because this is the best part of my game. Service and receive. I want to improve open game and backhand when I have to play active. Also few times a week I make passive training, block and counter-topspin. I try to make 3 or more times a week mult balls, because it helps me a lot and this is the best way to correct mistakes or to learn new things.

Rechime is changing and it depends on league matches and competitions. So I decide what is most imortant for me, beacuse it is difficult to be in a good form all year. I am a young player, so I need to practice hard these times and senior result will come in time. I dont need to get big results now like I was doing in cadet and junior age.

Do you serve practice often?
When I was younger I did it a lot,and I am trying to continue this routine.

Your a very successful international star now, what do you feel was your biggest achievement to date?
I won european tittle two time in doubles.I also won single european tittle in cadets,two times I won third place in mixed doubles(once in cadets,once in juniors),we were second in teams on european cadet championships,fifth place on world cadet challenge,third place in doubles on world cadet challenge,quater final in singles and doubles on european junior championship and a lot more but these are the most important ones to me.

Ok, maybe you don't like looking back to this but what was your biggest low in your career?
I was little bit confused in my second junior year and when I came into seniors but now I catch my way to do it the best I can.

Are you looking forward to the 2012 Olympics?
I am and I would like to play, but you can look at my ranking and it looks a little bit difficult. Maybe Croatian team will play in team events, and I see my chance there. Also I will try to do best I can in Croatian competitions and maybe they will send me to olympic qualifications.

TerIphik - Hi, I would like to know if the material (rubbers and blades) of professional players is the same to the same material as we (nonprofessional) buy in table tennis shops?
Professional players get special prepared rubbers from factories which fit their style(weight,hardness,thickness).The ones you buy in table tennis shops are also good, but professional players ask for the best rubbers they can get.

Do you use booster to enhance your rubber?
No,I get specially rubbers from factory.

lesliefrancs - HI, Is pursuing a life towards TT worth the rewards? and does playing TT full time effect your personal life?
If I dont get pleasure from training and TT I would not do it. Yes,but I do my best not to let it effect my personal life in a bad way.

Do you run every day?
When I was younger I did it very often.Now I also run but I do more special exercise for TT.

What's your view on the chinese dominniance at the moment, Why are they so good do you belive?
I was in China a few times and they practice really hard. For us it is difficult to practice as same as them, because we dont have so many players. People live different in Europe and in China one of the ways to survive is sport.
But the biggest difference is in technique and the quantity of pracitce. You see that Chinese players have brilliant technique and they wont make easy mistakes.

Leankints wants to know do you train on the mental aspects of the game. Do you find this side of the game is just as important as the technical parts?
Yes,I’m working on it with my mental coach when I am home, in Croatia. On top level mental aspects are more important than technical.

DaveCochrane - Hi, I would like to know what you want to do when your playing days are over, will you stay working in table tennis such as coaching etc.
It is still early for those decisions but I would like to stay in sports and have my own fitness studio.

GecaPhoenix from youtube wants to know why are the chinese players the best in the world right now?
They have the best selection in the world,best coaches and a great support from medical to all other things.

forestloves - HI, would you rather Win the World Championships, or win a silver in the Olympic Games?
World Championships, but both of the things don’t sound bad 

topgunwow - Hi, are you happy about the speed glue ban, has it had an effect on your game?
At the beginning I was confused but now new rubbers developed and I lost the feeling about before.

Atomichaos – Do you ever give up a match when your loosing?
Yes, but rarely. How years pass not so much.

Legislate – If you don’t have much coaching, do you motivate yourself. Can you still be a good player without a coach?
In this period the coach is very important because the player is not stable in techinque. I am now in a difficult situation because I am playing in Austria so I often train by myself so I have to motivate myself.

Gauravvrak – Wants your mind strategy when you are 2-0 down. What do you think to have the belief to get back into the match?
I am only thinking about the next point because it is the best way to get back.

Joelstar – What warm ups do you do before a game to get you ready to compete?
I make some quick jumps and steps and I relax my body before the match.


Photo by: P.N. Sunil

Off the topic questions

Whos the most famous person you know through table tennis?
Ivan Ljubicic,Blanka Vlasic and many other Croatian sportists

Whos your favourite sportsmen of all time?
Myke Tyson ,Usain Bolt,Kenenisa Bekele

Favourite film?
From Paris with love,Home alone

What car do you drive?
Peugeot 307

Whats your favouirte music?
I like rock,but when I go out I prefer house,rnb.

What do you do in your spare time other then table tennis?
I spend my time with my friends,girlfriend and family as well.I also listen to music a lot.

Do you eat well or eat junk good?
I try to eat healty food.

PS3 or XBOX 360?
PS3 ;)

Your team mates

Whos the funniest player in the trianing hall?
Simoner Christoph

Whos trains the hardest in the training hall?
We all practice like Rocky ;)

Whos the funniest team player?
Thomas Auer

Who has the best nickname?
Me,they call me Porno ;)

And Lastly

And lastly, thanks very much for your kindness in taking part in this interview for all the members of the Table Tennis Daily forum to learn and know more about the life of a professional player.

Would you like to add one last tip, or an inspiriational message to us all?
Never give up and fight till you die.

Good luck in your next competition


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