My help fans. How to identify fake from the original rubber Hurricane 3 (article).

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Nov 2015
How to identify fake from the original rubber Hurricane 3 (article).

My help fans of the original rubber Hurricane 3.

DHS Hurricane 3 sets of plastic occupy amateur, professional, and even the national team being half rubber gloves, stimulation of high-volume high-profit type of storm is growing, the country is mad, mad province, blue sponge province (country) mad, Bonita library crazy neo ( (blue), province, country) mad, all mad, mad, etc. 3-50 , Along with a large number of counterfeit products were covered Taobao shop, especially the national team to follow suit and blue sponge mad three sets of plastic, various versions of the price, style, many veterans is difficult to distinguish between true and false. DHS has not made any mention of the company, anyway, let consumers fry, fry the fire the more the better, the higher the price, the greater the pleasure. In the hurricane will bring many types of winds, DHS is really well-intentioned ah. But the more, the more tricks to provide additional templates to mimic, to know that China is a large cottage technology ......

Here is the recipe simple techniques to distinguish between true and false hurricane:
1. Look Price: old saying: no good goods cheaper, better goods are not cheap. Poor crazy, 80% more than 60 yuan pieces of fake, it is a psychological impact on the most attention, the general genuine Pu frenzied few years ago about 78 now, probably about 87, but more than 60yuan pieces for example, to meet the consumer psychology, cheaper than a dozen twenty, consumers may think that to work, it is not so, and it is the simplest means the most trusting, Shang Dangzhe more for beginners. Secondly Province insane price is not less than 160yuan, the country is crazy for not less than 240yuan, Great Blue sponge area should not be less than 280, at least, get mad country blue sponge 500yuan or more, if there is no internal relations staff to get cheaper blue crazy country, for a variety of blue sponge 200yuan is less than 90% is false, but do not rule out, however, I bought a really, but the responsibility of the provincial team to get back to the familiar. So, in a nutshell: the risk of hurricanes, the blue area (country) need to be careful!

What is the payment number hundreds of thousands of cloud Penny stocks last word
2. Look Store: Inside the shop selling fakes, substantially all of the fake high imitation (refer to the online store - shopping), for example, tens of dollars of provincial blue, blue states, tens of dollars, or more than one hundred of T05, T64, two to three hundred butterfly king (I've seen the most realistic fake butterfly butterfly king word play Buterfly, less than m), the volume of trade shop and hand good score written out - for which the available channels, so the low price, the beginner can easily get there. His blue sponge is a lack of flexibility, even as a universal set of less than 729, and the situation sponge curling glue does not appear. In addition to the hurricane, 05.64 and unscrupulous businessmen imitation of objects, imitation is not astringent multiple sets of sticky, very bards performance. And I saw high imitation really T05 and T64, astringent nature rubber surface, with almost genuine, but the sponge is dark - red, series T genuine rubber sponge of light - red, and the kind of counterfeit sponge is not the internal energy, for example, to play alone and the same bricks.

More than a few tentacles butterfly wings, it seems that companies should actively learn English
3. See Appearance: From - hurricane anti cottage too weak, in addition to the above two strokes on the outside also have the opportunity to watch some really bad hurricane plastic surface printing font clear edge clarity, while the fake font outer edge and a smooth, abrasive technology gap. Variety of blue sponge States mad all less than 500 yuan, the name of the national team's all fake printed. This inkjet ink jet, laser code is genuine, then the laser code, if you do not understand, refer to code orange sponge sponge frenzied country, probably 260-280 blocks.

This figure comes from the creative department Comrade Lan Ling
4. Glue: Hurricane series rubber cement to eat most of all, the world's first adhesive rubber eat too much. Glue for discriminating between true and false hurricane can be regarded as a method, but since with this method proved to be false, will not be returned, and this is a disadvantage. However, this method can be said to try to identify a hurricane Wang Souls, hurricane authentic situation occurs using an adhesive sponge curling brush, sponge or forged hurricane tested so far presented a flat die as. But the proposal in the extreme case, do not use this method, after filling fake plastic rubber take it for you, of course, not a bird you profiteers, if this business and la la bushel bushel war tear force occurs, we consumers are not too dominant.

Genuine hurricane glue after the sponge will not issue fake
5. Look at the sticky side: According to unconfirmed reports, authentic DHS Hurricane bottom left and right small print 3 is concave (see new tires are not cut when cutting rubber may be cut off and can not find that the fine print to), but the small print fake DHS hurricane 3 is concave or textures are not clear, see below (slightly fuzzy).

8, though I was crazy, but it's the same design, the DHS fine print concave
6. odor smell: This method is a matter of opinion, but of the vine, is an authentic taste of Hurricane fish fishy taste, fake rubber kind of taste, but I think that this method is subjective and psychological factors are considered dominant, as an extension of this approach say - that eventually each of taste perception is not the same.

The above is a summary of a more traditional way to distinguish between true and false hurricane, it can be said about the methods of identifying the rookie level, but to know how strong the possibility of China's cottage read below.
If the above six methods are able to identify a fake hurricane mediocre fake hurricane, hurricane realistic fake can be divided into the following categories :( following categories derived from Baidu Post Bar, finishing second month pondered spending an exaggeration)

1. the Tianjin or other locally produced counterfeit versions. Risk index: ????? This version is mainly produced by small manufacturers in Tianjin, if other options will best be regarded as a genuine and defective points, then this version is full of fake. The worst thing is that this version is currently a lot of presence in markets around the world, known as unscrupulous businessmen are selling a commercial version of another package. This option is a high degree of simulation, particularly rubber itself can not find any - any drawbacks from the appearance, so why the above four methods method rookie level identification, the reason here. But only in comparison with the real thing, the only difference sponge slightly revealed. Eventually, the technique DHS sponge is very unique, it is difficult to simulate the real one hundred percent of the addition, there is an important storm characteristics, ie, after hitting the ball, especially after pulling the ball down the field, his work falls arc, and 729 is not as commonplace as a single arc, which is also due to its shape almost irregular cylindrical micelles, through this process is a fake version will not work.

This version is confused very strong, very very easily deceived. Since the majority of ordinary fans, it seems the sales price may be, to some extent, prevention, such as low price, of course, that is a problem, it does not change the last word, it called a penny stock. Of course, we do not rule out some extreme pursuit of profit sinister business this press release to sell a very normal price speculation.

formal commercial package Option 2. DHS risk index: ????? This is a genuine manufacturers, the fact that this market accounted for the largest share of this version, but was surrounded by a fake version of the above, because this version is a fake version of counterfeit objects, that the same index of risk is high.

Regular commercial version, at least, very fine workmanship, whether the words on the rubber, or packaging, print quality specification is very clear, and the connection between the rubber and the sponge is very strong, very difficult to separate. Ball flu, but soft and out - for mass destruction, feel good, very useful for most people to understand and use. These properties can be used as one part of the above and identify counterfeit versions control methods.
Most distressing, it should be against the public version, but counterfeit goods occupy a considerable market share, while its own, as well as in the hands of unscrupulous businessmen, became the provincial command creates professional grade version of the "raw material".

3. Provincial professional production team unpacked version of the risk index: ????? all aspects of a professional team made things made in strict, limited to the overall process, as the high quality requirements, the failure rate in the manufacturing process, of course, will be higher yield is very limited, so the number of this version is nothing like the boom in the market as it is now, it seems that around the world, more and more people are surprised. It is because - for fans of the blind pursuit of any professional hurricane, so that surge in demand, but it was said above, this version of the production is limited, the huge gap unscrupulous businessmen made it possible, with regular commercial package version stamped imprint "change" from a professional Hurricane ( most inkjet printing, especially easy to fade) to occupy a larger market share, as well as the overall level of the fans, it is very difficult to determine its authenticity. Now the official version of the commercial packaging sponge just a series of numbers and letters of the eight numbers (eg 05121326, 05--05 production, 1213- December 13 production, and the number of 26 work.) And the suit cards adhesive thickness and hardness are stated in the package, and not stamp on the sponge, only a very early version of the official business of packaging is stamped on the sponge. Now, the professional version has just said early commercial version of the same is covered by its thickness and hardness of the inner square-shaped section on the sponge. Hence, the difference between the head too easy to cheat ah. Here, by the way an additional Pro sponge series of small figures, in fact, it is only the product batch, the flow is different, there are some professional version with a small number, while others do not, so the presence or absence of a small number to determine the authenticity without of - a reference value, as head of fraud was really very easy. Ironically, many foolish unscrupulous businessmen to express their true, own small numbers carved chapter of "raw materials" are covered, it is really disastrous ah.

4. Common commercial versions stamped imprint creates a provincial team of professionals Edition risk index: ????? In fact, some of the characteristic differences between this version and the real version between the provincial professional, but also put it on top of the same subject. But this is really unfriendly version of the statement, this version of Tianjin and other locally produced counterfeit versions mentioned above, and are a major boom in the market, I do not know how many fans were hurt.

5. The national team is a special edition of orange sponge risk index: ???? Hurricane team is very special, from the point of view of the mark, with the word "national" character, as well as its thickness and rigidity of the sponge a small angle, and other characteristics similar to normal commercial version. Of course, some of the national version of the digital number nine figures, some of them are even written especially for the players names. In contrast, the team found a rubber version of brilliance, which is strictly a rubber glare detected robe to go to participate in the international competition, which is the national version of the unique and should be. On the other hand, we compare with the provincial hurricane team can be found in the national edition of the sponge does not seem so hard, not so much the degree of irregularity, the national version will be more soft and delicate, which also corresponds to the actual use of the experience, while maintaining a strong professional version of mass destruction, to the master will feel a lot better, it's a wonderful experience surprise.

6. specialized retailer Bonita ancient Japanese market, as well as its commercial version of the professional risk index: ?? to Japan to do something - something really first-class craftsmanship, the hardness of the sponge also marked differences between positive and negative values, very strict, from - for his rubber on more than "Nittaku" and the words "PRO", is extremely difficult to forge, if fraud mold produce, like Tianjin and other places a fake version of the same. This version is the sense of a ball softer, spongy appearance is also very thin, and the other version of this price is very high, most people outside of the tolerance range, so we see only a few users, it is not the primary market.

The above article is the main method of determining the market Linluo anywhere storms and hurricanes induction version of this writing, only one purpose, I hope that most fans of the ever-changing technology and equipment in the process, and gradually improve their equipment to identify opportunities so unscrupulous businessmen do not have the possibility of cleanse our world of ping pong!
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